• The Company is obliged to disclose any substantial developments that fall within its activity and whose knowledge is not available to the general public and may affect its assets and liabilities, financial position or the general course of its business or subsidiaries, and may lead to a change in the price of its listed securities or significantly affect its ability to meet its debt obligations.
  • The Company is obliged to disclose, in the Annual Report of the Board of Directors, in accordance with the statutory requirements to which the Company is subject.
  • The Company is obliged to disclose the Company’s financial information in accordance with the statutory requirements and relevant legal requirements and regulations.
  • The Company is committed to developing policies and procedures related to the disclosure of conflicts of interest to all other stakeholders of the Company.

Means of disclosure

The Company is committed to making disclosure to shareholders and stakeholders without discrimination, in a timely, regular and accurate manner, and through appropriate disclosure means to the Company’s shareholders and stakeholders, including but not limited to:

  • Company’s website
  • Reports issued by the Board of Directors of the company

The company must comply with any time-limits or other disclosure means specified by the relevant regulators

Clarity and validity of disclosures

  • The disclosure must only be clear, True, not misleading or incomplete, and for all shareholders and stakeholders alike without any distinction between one group and another.
  • The Company is obliged not to ignore any statement to which it is bound by regulations.