Concurrent with the transformation to the new Group structure, a refreshed strategy was also launched for the period 2021-25. There is however a continuity between the former strategy and the refreshed strategy with some of the original features being retained.

This was the formulation of a refreshed strategy. The original strategy for the period 2018-2022 was superseded by a refreshed strategy which was launched in June 2021 and will run until 2025. The refreshed strategy is, however, not a wholly new one; it still retains some features of the original structure.



At the apex of the strategy are the strategic goals. The next level of the strategic structure is the strategic pillars, which was also the case in the pre-existing strategy; however, the pillars have undergone some modifications with the new Group structure, and each of the subsidiaries and the Group Company have pillars to which they are strongly linked.

Our business model is vertically integrated and diversified. The Group’s functions are categorized under a number of key processes such as listing, trading, depository, clearing and settlement, and market information etc. Several of the functions come under the umbrella of post-trade. The model comprehensively encapsulated all the core functions, supporting services, and potential for innovation of the Group.

The previous strategic plan for the period 2018-2022, was also based on value drivers, strategic pillars, and strategic initiatives. We have had many achievements during the period of this plan, such as activation of Muqassa, launching of derivatives and other new products, partnerships with other exchanges and CSDs, and inclusion in global emerging market indexes. Our present strategic framework is not a complete break from the previous one but an evolutionary step.

The third level of the present strategic hierarchy also retains the strategic initiatives.

The new Group structure will give a degree of operational independence to the subsidiaries. At the same time the structure will facilitate integration and synergies between the subsidiaries. The subsidiaries will be able to respond swiftly to market trends while at the same time contributing to value addition for the Group as a whole.

A major strategic development, which occurred in December 2021, is the completion of the Saudi Tadawul Group IPO. This has been the subject of a great deal of arduous preparation. The IPO is the next stage in our strategic evolution. It is the culmination of many developments and transformations the Group companies have undergone over the past few years. One of our strategic goals is integration and connectivity. This leads to deepening global mindshare and capital formation across major financial markets. The resulting enhancement of our image in the eyes of international investors will enable us to be a bridge between the global investor community and regional investors. The Group intends to position itself as the acknowledged centre for regional capital formation, and we will leverage the IPO to achieve this goal.