The Saudi Tadawul Group is a well-integrated, scalable, and diverse capital market with associated functions consisting of the holding company and four subsidiaries.

The Saudi Tadawul Group’s business model is characterized by the independence of business functions of each of the main subsidiaries, spanning listing and trading under the Saudi Exchange, settlement and safekeeping/registry by Edaa, and clearing by Muqassa, in addition to the innovation-based technology and data solutions solutions provided by WAMID.

While all subsidiaries are aligned with the Group strategy, this independent structure creates a more flexible environment to support growth, innovation, and rapid responses to market trends, both globally and regionally.

The inputs to the four core functions are groups of market participants and resources. The participants include, for instance, legal bodies; the resources may include market entities as well as supporting services and processes. The outputs of the processes are shown as results, which include direct impacts on the market and market participants.

The business model also encompasses the long-term effects of forming a leading national entity and playing an integral part of the ambitions of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, transforming into a distinguished centre for attracting capital at the regional level, achieving superior financial performance with prospects for growth, and enhancing the Kingdom’s presence at the international level.