Group Chief Executive Officer

Eng. Khalid Abdullah Alhussan is a Board member and the Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Tadawul Group. He also serves as the Chairman of the Saudi Exchange, the Securities Depository Center Company (Edaa), the Securities Clearing Center Company (Muqassa), Wamid, an applied technology services business and the innovation arm of Saudi Tadawul Group and the Arab Federation of Capital Markets (AFCM). Additionally, Eng. Al-Hussan is a Board Member in the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and Tadawul Real Estate Company.

Alhussan has more than 14 years of capital market and financial sector experience and possesses a wide range of expertise from business development and corporate planning to strategy and operations. Preceding his appointment as CEO of the Group, Eng. Khalid was the CEO of the Company – previously known the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) – for more than 5 years.

Throughout his tenure at the Exchange, Khalid has overseen the introduction and implementation of several key development programs, including the Qualified Foreign Investor (QFI) framework, the inclusion of Tadawul in the emerging markets’ indices, the launch of Nomu and the derivative markets, the development of the fixed income market and the record-setting IPO of Saudi Aramco. Notably and most recently, led the transformation into the Saudi Tadawul Group.

Prior to joining the Exchange, Eng. Khalid worked in the insurance sector, managing areas of business, marketing and strategy.

Khalid is an engineer and holds an MBA from the University of Colorado, where he is also a certified entrepreneur.

Membership in Board Committee: Member of the Investment Committee.


Group Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Al-Esheikh joined Tadawul in September 2018 as the Director of the Policies Department, and in March 2019, he was appointed as Chief Legal Officer. He has wide experience in the field of legislation especially those related to the capital market and listed companies. Mr. Al-Esheikh holds an LLM in Corporate Finance Law from the University of Westminster, London, UK.

He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from King Saud University. In addition, he has joined several training courses from reputable institutions.


Group Chief Risk & Security Officer

Mr. Yazeed has successfully assumed various management roles in the field of Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Risk Management and Business Continuity.

Mr. Yazeed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from King Saud University and Executive Masters of Business Administration from Al Yamamah University. In addition to several Professional and Leadership Certifications from various respectable institutions.


Group Chief of Internal Audit

Mr. Albuluwi is the Group Chief Internal Audit Officer for the Saudi Tadawul Group and manages a comprehensive program of internal auditing within Saudi Tadawul Group and its subsidiaries (Saudi Exchange, Edaa, Muqassa and WAMID). He has over 19 years of experience and track record of success in managing a wide spectrum of internal audit services with an aim of providing robust assurance to the Audit Committee and Board of Directors to assist in fulfilling their governance duties. Mr. Albuluwi started his auditing career in 2002 at Riyad Bank where he conducted and managed audits and other relevant engagements (i.e. project management reviews, system implementation reviews, etc.) across the all areas with special focus on Information Technology, Operations, and Cyber Security. After joining Tadawul in 2011, as the Head of IT and Operations, he progressed to be promoted to the position of Chief Internal Audit Officer in the Saudi Exchange’s Internal Audit Division where he’s been spearheading the continuous improvement of risk management and control processes ever since. Following the transformation of Tadawul into a holding Group, Mr. Albuluwi took over the role of Group Chief Internal Audit Officer for the Saudi Tadawul Group’s Internal Audit Division.

Mr. Albuluwi graduated from King Fahad University with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and he received various professional certificates in Audit as well as in other professions. Mr. Albuluwi is a member of the Information Systems Audit and control Association (ISACA) as well as the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).


Group Chief of Regulatory Oversight and Authorization

Mr. Al-Gheriri joined Tadawul in 2006 where he held several administrative and leading positions, until he was appointed as Chief of Regulatory Oversight and Authorization at Tadawul in November 2018. Mr. Al-Gheriri has extensive experience in the financial sector where he has successfully led several roles and responsibilities. Over the past few years, he has successfully led various functions and projects within the Members Relations Department.

Mr. Al-Gheriri holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Science from Minnesota State University, USA. He also has several professional certifications from various respectable institutions.


Group Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Alhasan joined Group in May 2021, he was appointed as Group Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Alhasan has extensive experience in Information Technology, Cybersecurity and Risk Management. He assumed various Technical, Managerial and Leadership positions in the High-Tech Industry, Commercial Banking and Capital Markets.

Mr. Alhasan holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from KFUPM, and an M.Sc. degree in Engineering Management and Leadership from Santa Clara University, California, United State of America. He also has many Professional Certifications from multiple reputable institutions in IT, Security, Risk and Management and Leadership.


Chief Human Resource Officer

Ms. Al-Besher joined Tadawul in May 2018 as Chief Human Resource Officer. She has wide experience in the field of human resources development, support services, corporate communications and leading FinTech initiatives.

Ms. Al-Besher holds a Master’s Degree in HR from the Catholic University of America, USA.


Group Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Qureshi joined in March 2018 as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Qureshi has over 23 years of experience in strategic financial planning & management, accounting, investment management, company start-ups, mergers & acquisitions and assets liabilities management. Mr. Qureshi holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce from Pakistan. He is a fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and Institute of Public Finance Accountants.


Group Chief of Strategy (Acting)

Dr. Bellegarde is currently the Group Chief of Strategy & CEO Advisor at the Saudi Tadawul Group, He is a Board member of the Securities Depository Center Company (Edaa) and Securities Clearing Center Company (Muqassa) and the Saudi Exchange Company, he was a member of the NYSE-Euronext management Committee from 2007 to 2014 as Group Executive Vice-President in charge of European Equities and Listings. His mandate extended to cover domestic and International Listings, Equity and Index derivatives, Index business development, structured products as well as market operations.

He acted as chairman of SmartPool (Block trading platform), Board member of LIFFE AM, Qatar Exchange, Clearnet SA as well as Interbosla (Portuguese CSD).

Dr. Bellegarde has a PhD degree in Treasury Finance Banking from De La Sorbonne University in France.

Ownership of Executive Managements, spouses and minors

Name of member Shares Ownership
Opening Balance (January 2021) Closing Balance (December 2021) Percentage Change
Eng. Khalid Abdullah Al-Hussan 0 0
Mr. Khalid Abdulaziz Al-Gheriri 0 0
Mr. Raed Hamoud Al-Buluwi 0 0
Mr. Shahrukh Qureshi 0 0
Mr. Abdullah Abdullatif Al-Esheikh 0 0
Mr. Alhasan Ashram 0 0
Dr. Roland Bellegarde 0 0
Ms. Maha Mohammed Al-Besher 0 0
Mr. Yazeed Aleidi 0 0

*There are no ownership of the executives relatives on the shares of the Company.