Our Group strategy is growth-oriented and has two horizons. The first is domestically and regionally focused, where we will continue to develop the region’s largest capital market and foster the financial ecosystem as we deliver on our commitments to Vision 2030. The second is global, where we will pursue a program of self-deterministic expansion to become a global leader, positioned as a pivot between east and west.

One year into our successful IPO, we are moving steadily from a position of regional leadership towards global significance. Aligned with this vision was the achievement of a number of key strategic objectives during 2022, including the highly anticipated debut of our first concurrent IPO and dual listing. This achievement strengthened our position as an emerging integrated market with high liquidity and market capitalization opportunities, encouraging and increasing foreign participation in line with Vision 2030. Other major achievements 2022 saw a number of new frameworks, systems and regulatory advancements across the Group, including the largest series of post trade infrastructure enhancements in the history of the Saudi capital market.

Our continued focus in the period ahead too, will be to significantly expand our footprint, diversify our revenue streams, and capture material shareholder value. We continue to develop our existing regionally-focused franchises, fueled by economic transformation in the Kingdom and its associated market expansion. In parallel, we will pursue self-deterministic global development initiatives and mutually beneficial partnerships to deliver breakthrough growth and expansion on the international stage.

Crucial to our central strategic purpose and its unfolding is the alignment of the strategies pursued within our subsidiary companies with the overall intentions of the Group. While benefitting from agility and autonomy within the structure of the Group, each subsidiary has a clear understanding of how it contributes to measurable achievements by the whole, and, we seek to identify and employ every synergy of value to that direction.

The execution of strategy, of course, requires stringent focus on purposeful KPIs, with a primary emphasis on revenue growth and net profitability. As a public company, our investors expect nothing less. And such unremitting focus also drives internal efficiency, effectiveness and economy throughout the Group.

As we make strides on our growth ambitions, we have also moved sustainability to the center of our agenda. Indeed, in today’s context, no credible strategy can overlook or discount sustainability. In our case, we have the benefit of specific intents, actions and capabilities aligned with those of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. While our actions in support of sustainability join with those of others in global impact, they are central to the needs of the Kingdom and the region. This focus will doubtless be of increasing importance as we look to the future, and specifically to our role in Vision 2030 and beyond.

In summary, we will transform into a position of global leadership; significantly expanding our footprint and business mix, diversifying our revenue streams, and delivering material shareholder value, whilst honoring our obligations to Vision 2030.