Our first consideration remains with our stakeholders, those who share in our vision, work with or alongside us, and participate in our achievements. In all such relationships and engagements, we seek to create strong and extended relationships to achieve a comprehensive results and achieve the Kingdom’s ambitious vision 2030.

Stakeholder Group
Engagement Channels
The Group is considered as a long-term extremely attractive regional investment opportunity.
Investor relations, earnings call, road shows and conferences, audited financial statements, website, social media channels, annual reports, and General Assembly Meetings.
The Saudi Tadawul Group is a partly self-regulating organization since 2018, but the Capital Market Authority (CMA) also exercises a degree of regulatory oversight. CMA regulations and oversight ensure that the market functions smoothly, transparently, and ethically. This enables the seamless and efficient functioning of the market and imparts a sense of trust and confidence among market participants.
Governance, directives, reports, audited financial statements, annual reports, and meetings.
The nature of our operations requires professionals of the highest caliber, and our employees are the engine of our success. As such, creating an environment in which they can perform and thrive is paramount. We solicit feedback and engagement with our people regularly on the issues that matter to them, such as fulfilling and meaningful work, productive and motivating working conditions, and pathways to professional development and advancement.
Review meetings, town hall meetings, performance management system, website, training programs social media channels, and other internally-focused activities.
National, regional and global business media pay close attention to the Group and our activities. We seek to support and further their interest and understanding via all available, we seek the highest degree of accuracy, timeliness, and clarity.
Press releases, interviews, television programs and social media channels.
In our foundational principles and the economic growth resulting from our core operational activities, the Group seeks to contribute to determined and substantive national and community outcomes. In the forefront of these are our role in Vision 2030 and our numerous ESG engagements.
Media coverage, press releases, TV programs, social media channels, and community contribution activities.
Our investors are entities and individuals comprising Saudi nationals and foreigners – who buy and sell securities in the Exchange. We, in turn, are committed to ensure that the market functions smoothly and efficiently, that risks in trading are well-managed, and that accurate and timely market information and data is made available.
Statistical reports, annual reports, press releases, website, roadshows, social media, and contact center.
Brokerage firms conducting transactions in the market on behalf of investors need certainty and reliability in data and in its communication, expectations which we aim to meet and exceed continuously.
Statistical reports, notifications, website, workshops, meetings, and e-meetings.
All the subsidiaries have to closely interact with each other and with STG in the course of performing their functions and seamless communication is needed for efficiency
Meetings, committees, and emails.
The Group and its subsidiaries have MOUs and many other direct relationships and engagements with the external world. Parties include regional and global exchanges (facilitating foreign investor activities), Securities Depository Centers (SDCs), Central Counter-parties (CCPs), Government entities, NGOs and universities.
MOUs, meetings, e-meetings, email, and reports.
The corporates and other entities (including the Government) issuing securities of any kind such as shares, bonds, REITs and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), that are traded on the Exchange are considered issuers, whose interests are served to recognized exceptional standards.
Notifications, road shows, relationship managers, website, social media, workshops, meetings, and e-meetings.
We engage readily and continuously with external parties licensed to provide information to market participants, ensuring the utmost accuracy and timeliness in market information and customized indices.
Corporate disclosures, websites, press releases, emails, and meetings.