The continuous expansion of our digital footprint remains a crucial area of focus to the Group, driven by its importance towards sustainable operations. Digital technologies are deeply embedded into capital market activities, and will continue to transform, and dictate, the future of the trading business.

Our digital team is tasked with ensuring the Group and its subsidiaries have highly accessible, highly communicative positioning in the digital space. Activities and achievements throughout the year continue fully to meet this objective. They also set the groundwork for future enhancement by emerging developments in digital technologies and digital media.

Enhanced Interactivity

As a result of our digital reach scaling up both regionally and globally, the total number of visits to the Group websites increased by 26% in 2022 to reach 21M+ visits, with a 154% increase in international visitors. The successful launch of individual websites for the Saudi Exchange, Muqassa and WAMID was a key milestone in our virtual expansion, and in our customer-facing activities. The website of the remaining subsidiary, Edaa, has been developed and is on schedule to launch during the first quarter of 2023. In addition, the highly anticipated launch of the Saudi Exchange application – now in its final stages of development – is also scheduled to launch in the coming year.

In other areas of customer engagement, our contact centre operations continued to record high levels of engagement and performance. The Customer Service team played a key role in assisting customers with their enquiries. There were 49,038 customer enquiries that were assisted through calls, emails, live chat, and social media. We closely monitor the contact centre for emerging digital development needs, and continue to support the timely technological upgrading of the operation.

Our purpose in the digital space is to improve the Group reach and reputation, as well as enhance customer experience through highly responsive channels of engagement, a crucial element in the success of our Organization.

We continue to pay close attention to social media opportunities and seek to capitalize on such engagements where appropriate. We are investing in new systems to enhance our social media value through social media announcements, campaigns and automated customer surveys, enabling better, and faster responsiveness to customer behavior and feedback. Moreover, a systematic review is carried out on all social media activities to ensure the highest customer service standards and governance.